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Isabel De Pedro Kleider, Shirts und Blazer im Sale

Mono-thematic collections with special emphasis on prints and stretch fabrics with black as the signature color. Some remarkable themes from past collections have been: Art Movements (Surrealism, the Golden Age), Contemporary Dance, Cities (Barcelona, Río De Janerio, París), Regions ( the Basque Country), and Countries (Perú, Russia, China, Italy, Cuba, Scandinavian Countries). The brand delivers two collections every year — Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

The collections are thematic and are the result of the investigation and development trips made by the designer around different interest points of the world. She compiles aesthetics, textures, photographs and all kind of references in order to create a collection which is inspired in a place, a motif, a world or a concept. Each collection contains 275-325 pieces designed and produced entirely in Spain, both in its factory and in external textile workshops.

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Kleid mit Mantel ve541 isabel de pedro Second Product Image
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Isabel de Pedro - Mr Cat
Kleid mit Mantel

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Ausgefallenes Kleid, bestehend aus einem schmalen Kleid und einem angenähtem Mantel darüber, mit rotem Print auf dem Rücken von Isabel de Pedro.

Frackjacke Second Product Image
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Isabel de Pedro - Mr Cat

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Frackjacke mit asymmetrischer Knopfleiste und hohem Kragen von Isabel de Pedro.