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  • Ackermann


    It started with an idea: Clear, durable design, in conjunction with natural, sustainable materials and artisan implementation. This is inspiring us until today.

    Founded by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann, we design and produce leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO for more than 30...

  • Ania Schierholt

    Ania Schierholt

  • Annette Görtz

    Annette Görtz

    The avant-garde fashion creations by Annette Görtz are truly timeless, natural and to the point. Clear cuts and unobtrusive non-colours are the label's trademarks. The designer uncompromisingly trusts her own signature. Over the development of a natural colour pallet that signifies the sense of femininity and timelessness, the Annette Görtz...


    Azizi Collection

    SORAYA AZIZI comes originally from Kabul and lives in Hamburg, where she studied fashion design at the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design. Here she focused on acquiring the manual skills of her trade, particularly in draping.

    Since 2001, she has concentrated on developing her own fashion brand that was launched in 2005 under the AZIZI...

  • Barbara I Gongini

    Barbara I Gongini

    The core of the BARBARA I GONGINI brand DNA is centered on strength of individual and not on sex or sexual orientation, societal order or other normative pressures, but on playful imaginative tale of craftsmanship that breathes freedom of self-expression.

    The BARBARA I GONGINI collections present a different take on Nordic garments,...

  • Black by K&M

    Black by K&M Collection

    Our philosophy has always been to creating small but playfull collections. We believe that clothing does not necessarily have to have a message, but mostly and more importantly has to be supportive to someone's personnality. Fashion is about indiviuality, not about forged trends. Our only goal is, in time, to be a truly globally...

  • Cinzia Araia



  • CUTone

    CUTone -  a new summer label from Germany

    Cleared optic, light and transparent with an extraordinary monochrome sketch printed very dark or in light contrasts on silk organza, extreme fine cotton jerseys and voile, non-selective placed - every style an unique item. Tops and shirts, jackets and dresses in 4 comfortable...

  • Hannes Roether

    Hannes Roether

    It is not about fashion, it´s about clothing. hannes roether creates high quality pieces with a manufacturing character. A line, that’s edgy, timeless and incredibly wearable. By simple understatement and authenticity the hannes roether wardrobe emphasizes personality and gives freedom to express oneself. Something real – Something honest.

  • Isabel de Pedro - Mr Cat

    Isabel De Pedro - Mr Cat Collection

    Mono-thematic collections with special emphasis on prints and stretch fabrics with black as the signature color. Some remarkable themes from past collections have been: Art Movements (Surrealism, the Golden Age), Contemporary Dance, Cities (Barcelona, Río De Janerio, París), Regions ( the Basque Country), and Countries...

  • Joss - Pure - Cashmere

    Joss - Pure - Cashmere

    The new cashmere brand for the winter out of Hamburg. Exceptional cuts that present themselves in a friendly black or dark anthracite and that are made of high-quality cashmere for any figure – especially for the larger sizes.

  • Moyuru

    Moyuru collection

    Moyuru produces a line of comfortable-to-wear clothing in pursuit of free expression and unrivaled originality based on the idea of a relaxed mind. We pursue Japanese beauty with a theme that constantly revolves around "Contemporary Sophistication (stylishness)". Being particular to one color. We will make one piece of fabric infatuated....

  • Numero 10

    Numero 10 Collection

    “The intention is to produce bags from the unmistakable personality, in the light of the fact that each specimen is processed and dyed by hand, just like it was done by the ancient Tuscan leather craftsmen”.

    “The goal is to create accessories that come into people's lives and become necessary, a milestone, just like something we dearly...

  • Pal Offner

    Pal Offner

    Strict design disrupted by the use of cut edges, exceptional details, creased materials and handmade finishings. Asymmetries and deconstruction fuse with classic tailoring. Playing with polarity.

    Philosophy turning into reality: A separate button ribbon in all PAL OFFNER jackets and shirts allows the wearer to...

  • Papucei

    Papucei shoes

    While keeping the shoes comfortable and warm by Papucei, in the collection we’re playing with textures and colors and we’re providing unique pairs for our customers. Hand-made, with the use of natural leather as a basis, our shoes will not be unnoticed.

  • peter o. mahler

    peter o. mahler

    peter o. mahler´s design philosophy is based essentially on simplicity and reduction in style. a casual but feminine look, using extraordinary and exclusive high quality fabrics.
    peter o. mahler´s fashion is designed for the modern, independant woman, in search of an individual look.

  • Preach

    Preach Collection

    PREACH is a challenge. A challenge to show your character. A challenge to show your personality, self-confidently and self-evidently. A challenge to free yourself from external constraints and go your own way – directly, creatively, progressively, unconventionally and with an experimental spirit. Like PREACH. 

    Selected materials, careful...

  • Puro


    Puro is a brand name shoes launched by Sibylle and Josef Schachl, an Austrian couple from Salzburg. Although the label is rather young, the designers have been working on the development and implementation of unique collections for many years. From the first drawings to the first collection and the trademark name, they took ten years in order to reach their...

  • Reinhard Plank

    Reinhard Plank

    Reinhard Plank is a South-Tyrolian hat and shoe designer based in the country side of Florence, Tuscany. There he experiments and creates unique and handmade goods, which are emphazised by their individuality and excellent workmanship.
    Due to his courage and determination, Reinhard Plank is today one of the leading hat-designers in the...

  • Rundholz

    Rundholz summer collection 2019

  • Rundholz Black Label

    Rundholz Black Label summer collection 2019


  • Rundholz DIP

    Rundholz Dip summer collection 2019

  • Sarah Pacini

    Sarah Pacini Collection

    20 years in the making, Sarah Pacini continues to capture the attention of the women of the world with its innovative and distinctive style. With a philosophy that clothing should reflect the soul, this unique blend of knitwear, weaves and colour culminates in a collection that is ultra-feminine. Worn alone or combined with other styles,...

  • thom/krom

    thom/krom Collection

    thom/krom is a fashion label founded 2009 by thomas kromik, a german fashion scout. his mission is to create unique styles for urban men and women with a critical taste apart from the mainstream. thom/krom is about fashion for people who love muted colors and slightly avantgarde styles. for those who prefer the night to the bright day. every...

  • Transit Uomo

    Transit par such - designer fashion for women

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