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SORAYA AZIZI comes originally from Kabul and lives in Hamburg, where she studied fashion design at the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design. Here she focused on acquiring the manual skills of her trade, particularly in draping.

Since 2001, she has concentrated on developing her own fashion brand that was launched in 2005 under the AZIZI label. Meanwhile she holds fashion collections twice a year that combine discreet elegance with effortless functionality, addressing women who appreciate clarity and perceived value.

"My fashion embodies an approach that emphasises femininity and personality without going over the top. It lives for itself rather than for a specific style." Soraya Azizi.

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Oversize shirt - white Second Product Image
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Oversize shirt - white

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Oversized cotton blouse / shirt with stand-up collar and low neckline by Azizi.

Summer jacket - white Second Product Image
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Summer jacket - white

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Light blazer for the summer in white from Azizi.