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PREACH is a challenge. A challenge to show your character. A challenge to show your personality, self-confidently and self-evidently. A challenge to free yourself from external constraints and go your own way – directly, creatively, progressively, unconventionally and with an experimental spirit. Like PREACH. 

Selected materials, careful craftsmanship and unusual approaches make up the basis for clear forms, flowing fabrics and asymmetrical cuts that con- trast with natural colours, prints and structures. Unexpected breaks define the look,which is anything but predictable. 

The result is styles for people who don’t necessarily fit in. Strong person- alities who strive to achieve their goals without compromise.Who don’t follow trends, but instead interpret them individually. Multilayered characters who polarise.Who are more than just a facade. Like PREACH. 

PREACH is more than fashion. PREACH is an attitude.

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