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Rundholz Mainline Spring / Summer 2021

Since 1993 Lenka and Carsten Rundholz present their pieces of wearable art to the fashion world. The main collection of those two pioneers is the impatiently anticipated institution and reference within the scene. Radical cuts and the courage to be different connect the brand with its customers. Rundholz makes it possible to dress without compromise in your individual style and so sharp that the question: “Opera or casual?” belongs to the past. Fabrics of highest quality and best workmanship distinguish their collections which come out twice per year.

Rundholz’s summer 2021 collection consists of many high-quality knit garments made of cotton and linen in the colors black, chalk and white, as well as gorgeous prints.

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Leather belt

Price €184.87

Exceptional belt with suspenders-look made of leather from Rundholz.