Pal Offner

Boundaries between masculinity and femininity, straightforward and experimental design, Zeitgeist and timelessness melting away. 

People defining their own limits. People deciding for themselves how feminine or masculine they want to dress. Gender not standing above personal taste. The normative momentum of gender roles not ruling over the individual.

Unisex becomes multisex.
Shamelessly at ease.

Strict design disrupted by the use of cut edges, exceptional details, creased materials and handmade finishings. Asymmetries and deconstruction fuse with classic tailoring. Playing with polarity.

Philosophy turning into reality: A separate button ribbon in all PAL OFFNER jackets and shirts allows the wearer to autonomously decide to which side the garment shall button.

Singular, high-value materials and special finishing-processes. Produced in Germany and other european countries – where specialists of all fields offer the best quality.

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