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Pal Offner

Pal Offner

Strict design disrupted by the use of cut edges, exceptional details, creased materials and handmade finishings. Asymmetries and deconstruction fuse with classic tailoring. Playing with polarity.

Philosophy turning into reality: A separate button ribbon in all PAL OFFNER jackets and shirts allows the wearer to autonomously decide to which side the garment shall button.

Singular, high-value materials and special finishing-processes. Produced in Germany and other european countries – where specialists of all fields offer the best quality.

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Wide pants Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 051304
  • On sale!

Linen pants

Price Regular price €164.71 €329.41 -50%

Linen pants with low crotch and loose leg from Pal Offner.

Wide summer pants  Pal Offner - Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 011306
  • On sale!

Wide summer pants

Price Regular price €248.07 €310.08 -20%

Pants with low crotch made of light summer material from Pal Offner.

Leather belt Pal Offner - Onlineshop - 1801603001
  • On sale!

Leather belt

Price Regular price €62.35 €89.08 -30%

Super long leather belt made of soft leather from Pal Offner.

Frock coat Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 020906
  • On sale!

Frock coat

Price Regular price €216.39 €432.77 -50%

Frock-coat made of stretchy material with narrow stripes from Pal Offner.

Tunic with tulle Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 041002
  • On sale!

Tunic with tulle

Price Regular price €210.59 €300.84 -30%

Oversized tunic made of a material mix with tulle from Pal Offner.

3/4 skirt-pants Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 021303
  • On sale!

3/4 skirt-pants

Price Regular price €250.00 €357.14 -30%

¾ length pants with low crotch and a type of overskirt in black from Pal Offner.

Jersey pants Pal Offner - Onlineshop - 1801031309
  • On sale!

Jersey pants with tulle

Price Regular price €134.03 €268.07 -50%

Detailed length jersey pants with low crotch and tulle material from Pal Offner.

Summer dress Pal Offner - Onlineshop - 1801091102
  • On sale!

Summer dress

Price Regular price €167.23 €334.45 -50%

Light summer dress with overall-look from Pal Offner.

Low crotch pants 1801 021302 pal offner
  • On sale!

Low crotch pants

Price Regular price €171.43 €342.86 -50%

Pants with very low crotch made of stretchy material from Pal Offner.

Oversize dress - black 161507
  • On sale!

Oversize dress - black

Price Regular price €149.24 €248.74 -40%

Oversize dress made of thin jersey material with long sleeves and number print from Pal Offner.

T-Shirt - black
  • On sale!

T-Shirt - black

Price Regular price €125.04 €208.40 -40%

Casual T-shirt with abstract print and flock print from Pal Offner.

Leather ankle boots 1702603202 pal offner
  • On sale!

Leather ankle boots

Price Regular price €209.66 €419.33 -50%

Slip-on ankle boot with rubber sole from Pal Offner.

Tulle top - black Pal Offner - Onlineshop - 1801101106
  • On sale!

Tulle top - black

Price Regular price €103.36 €206.72 -50%

Tulle top with asymmetrical hem and knitted print at the front from Pal Offner.

Wool pants Pal Offner - Onlineshop - 1602161302
  • On sale!

Wool pants

Price Regular price €130.42 €326.05 -60%

Wool pants with slimmer, very long leg and low crotch from Pal Offner.