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From the bustling heat of Tel Aviv comes a new line of luxury leather goods from Omtura. Designed in Israel by Ukrainian expat Anton Edelshtein, the bags all feature a sculptural shape that are unlike anything you will see on the high street. The philosophy behind the brand is that each item holds a craft known only to its owner. With straight diagonal cuts and considered details, no piece is the same. In order to achieve their aforementioned sculptural shape, the bags are made from tough leather usually reserved for belts. As no machines are able to stitch through leather of this thickness, each bag is constructed start to finish by hand.

Leather harnesses are cleverly used as embellishment and practical straps add an edginess to the pieces while an industrial look underpins the whole collection. Inherently minimalist but luxuriously glamorous at the same time, the bags are defined by their crisp silhouette and glossy shine, invoking a sense of armour appropriate for the twenty first century.

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