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Ackermann leather handbags

It started with an idea: Clear, durable design, in conjunction with natural, sustainable materials and artisan implementation. This is inspiring us until today.

Founded by Beate Sedlacek and Karl-Henning Hohmann, we design and produce leather bags and accessories of the brand Ackermann and sub-brands Wildwuchs and PAGO for more than 30 years.

Ackermann designs timeless, durable & functional leather products. Our design has character: it is as distinctive and unique as you and me. Crafted from natural leather, you can feel and see the attention to detail and the carefully selected materials that meet the highest standards of quality. The best leather and the strongest seams are made in functional designs with the sense of simplicity. Our imagination of a durable classic is translated into every handcrafted bag that leaves our manufactory. The roots of the idea - to design leather bags - are the philosophy and practicing the concept of sustainability in the 80s. To design a product that is natural, durable and wins with the time value of personal.

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