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In this category you can find exceptional oversized tunics from designers like Rundholz, Rundholz Black Label, Moyuru, Hannes Roether, Pal Offner and many more.

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Oversize blouse - coal Rundholz Dip - Onlineshop - 119 2530902
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Oversize blouse - coal

Price Regular price €199.16 €331.93 -40%

Oversized blouse made of cotton with jersey insets from under the arms to the sleeves hem from Rundholz Dip.

Oversize knitted tunic Rundholz onlineshop - 119 1407005
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Oversize knitted tunic

Price Regular price €189.08 €315.13 -40%

Oversized knitwear shirt with white written print at the front from Rundholz.

Oversize dress - grey Peter o. Mahler - Onlineshop - 1914-148
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Oversize dress - grey

Price Regular price €103.53 €147.90 -30%

Oversized dress which is tapered downwards from Peter o. Mahler.

Tunic with tulle Pal Offner Onlineshop - 1901 041002
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Tunic with tulle

Price Regular price €210.59 €300.84 -30%

Oversized tunic made of a material mix with tulle from Pal Offner.

Light oversize-tunic- black Rundholz Dip - Onlineshop - 119 2560906
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Light oversize-tunic- black

Price €365.55

Slightly oversized tunic made of a material mix with decorative seams towards the outside from Rundholz Dip.

Oversize T-Shirt Black by k&m Onlineshop - Happy love
  • On sale!

Oversize T-Shirt

Price Regular price €70.00 €100.00 -30%

Oversized T-shirt with written print and low neckline from Black by k&m.

Oversize tunic Black by k&m Onlineshop - Family
  • On sale!

Oversize tunic

Price Regular price €80.00 €100.00 -20%

Loose oversized tunic with abstract black / white pattern from black by k&m.

Knitted shirt
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Knitted shirt

Price Regular price €60.50 €121.01 -50%

Long knitted shirt with attached pockets and ¾ length sleeves from Tomo.

Oversize dress - black 161507
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Oversize dress - black

Price Regular price €149.24 €248.74 -40%

Oversize dress made of thin jersey material with long sleeves and number print from Pal Offner.

Silk shirt isabel de pedro
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Silk shirt

Price Regular price €78.99 €157.98 -50%

Exceptional shirt made of stretch-silk and jersey with print at the front from Isabel de Pedro.

Oversize tunic Hannes Röther - Onlineshop - 210645
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Oversize tunic

Price Regular price €100.34 €167.23 -40%

Super light, comfortable, oversized tunic / dress made of a material mix from Hannes Roether.

Knitted tunic Hannes Röther - Onlineshop - 210559
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Knitted tunic - black

Price Regular price €104.62 €209.24 -50%

Oversized knitwear dress / tunic with decorative button tape at the front from Hannes Roether.