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StudioB3 designer fashion - Online shop - Winter 2019

Studio B3

Studio B3

studio b3 is where casual style and functionality blend with offbeat design and a spirit of avant-garde.

studio b3 was founded in Krakow in 2008. All garments are manufactured in Poland - with heart, imagination, care and precision, respecting the rules of conscious fashion. Two generations of designers working together create a unique mix of different ideas and approaches to fashion which come together into a collection.

Asymmetric cuts, layers, comfortable jerseys and raw finishings are the main features of studio b3’s style. Their garments have a distressed look and creased structure – they want to encourage their customers to maintain this look – avoid ironing and let the clothes live their own lives.

studio b3 works with a limited colour palette, and the core of the collection is always black. Their motto says BLACK IS THE ONLY CONSTANT – the designers believe this timeless colour is the ultimate essence of style.

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Price €54.62

Beanie made of coated sweat material from Studio b3.

Long cardigan

Price €142.86
36/38 44/46

Long cardigan made if cosy soft jersey from Studio b3.

Long skirt

Price €201.68
36/38 40/42

Convertible long skirt made of coated sweat material from Studio b3.

Long pullover

Price €147.06
32/34 40/42

Asymmetrically cut super long knitwear pullover from Studio b3.

Shirt + jacket

Price €130.25
36/38 44/46

Combo of a shirt with attached jacket (only at the front area) from Studio b3.

Double-layered tunic

Price €167.23
32/34 40/42 44/46

Oversized tunic made of a jersey / tulle mix including extra loop from Studio b3.

Long dress

Price €150.42

Long dress / tunic made of viscose / wool crepe from Studio b3.

Changeable jacket

Price €147.06

Convertible jacket with two zippers at the front from Studio b3.

Sweat pants

Price €205.88

Coated pants with lower crotch and elastic waistband from Studio b3.


Price €142.02

Casual vest made of a viscose / wool crepe from Studio b3.

Knitted pullover - black

Price €210.08
40/42 44/46

Oversized knitwear tunic / dress with different knitwear from Studio b3.

Oversize shirt

Price €142.86

Two-piece top (can also be worn separately) in black / beige from Studio b3.


Price €138.66

Leggings made of coated jersey material from Studio b3.

Exceptional shirt

Price €138.66

Jacket / Pullover made of jersey material with tulle details at the back from Studio b3.

Tulle longsleeve

Price €79.83

Super long tulle longsleeve with long sleeves and open edges from Studio b3.

Loop - black

Price €88.24
One size

Cosy knitted loop with different knitwear from Studio b3.

Tulle leggings

Price €79.83

Tulle leggings with very long leg from Studio b3.