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Studio B3 fashion: New collection + sale offers

studio b3 is where casual style and functionality blend with offbeat design and a spirit of avant-garde. studio b3 was founded in Krakow in 2008. All garments are manufactured in Poland - with heart, imagination, care and precision, respecting the rules of conscious fashion. Two generations of designers working together create a unique mix of different ideas and approaches to fashion which come together into a collection. Asymmetric cuts, layers, comfortable jerseys and raw finishings are the main features of studio b3’s style. Their garments have a distressed look and creased structure – they want to encourage their customers to maintain this look – avoid ironing and let the clothes live their own lives.
studio b3 works with a limited colour palette, and the core of the collection is always black. Their motto says BLACK IS THE ONLY CONSTANT – the designers believe this timeless colour is the ultimate essence of style.

Studio b3 looks the youngest and most casual of our brands. Very fresh, flowing cuts from cheeky to elegant. Distinctive as a complete look or as individual pieces to set accents.
For us, the most outstanding innovation of this season are the pieces made of irregular decorative knit. Every outfit wins with these!

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