To make it the most comfortable experience for you to find the right clothing with us, we carefully measure each part in a variety of ways.
On this page we explain how and where we take these measurements. So there should be no more speculation as to whether a size S is really a size S or an XL maybe just an L.

To find your suitable size, take a jacket / pants etc. that fits you well, place it flat on a table and measure from left to right in the chest / waist / waistband / hip area and the length from top to bottom (in the middle of the back of tops / jackets and outside on the side for pants / skirts) and then compare this dimension with the dimensions given by us. This way you will be able to order clothes that really fit in no time :)

- The chest width is measured once from left to right (circumference = x2)
- The waist is measured once at the narrowest part of the top / jacket (circumference = x2)
- The hips are measured once at the widest point in the hip area (circumference = x2)
- The waistband is measured once from left to right (circumference = x2), with an elastic band we give both, the unstretched and stretched dimensions
- We measure the sleeve seam where the sleeve is attached to the body (circumference = x2)
- For tops and jackets we measure the length in the middle at the back (without the collar)
- For pants and skirts we measure on the outside of the side seam
- For shoes, we measure the insole, if available, with the footbed inserted

Model measurements in our shop: high 170 cm / chest 83 cm / waist 69 cm / hips 99 cm