Light oversize blouse - black

Light oversized shirt with concealed button tape on the front from Black by k&m.

- Neckline with concealed button tape
- Collar
- Extended shoulder
- Loose and square cut
- Back is slightly longer

100% modal

Colour: Black

Fits very generously

Measurements circa (measured once / length measured on central back):
Size 34: Chest = 85cm / Length = 72cm
Size 36: Chest = 89cm / Length = 73cm
Size 38: Chest = 93cm / Length = 74cm
Size 40: Chest = 96cm / Length = 75cm
Size 42: Chest = 99cm / Length = 76cm
Size 44: Chest = 102cm / Length = 77cm
Size 46: Chest = 105cm / Length = 78cm

Playful - black
Black by K&M
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