Exceptional skirt

Exceptional multi-layered skirt with many details made of a material mix from Pal Offner.

- Pleated waistband
- Asymmetrical fastener at the top
- Half-length skirt, over that partly multi-layered longer viscose-crepe
- Belt loops (wide and narrow) including leather band
- Partly open edges
- Hem of asymmetrical length

Colour: Black

83% viscose
15% wool
2% elastane
100% viscose
100% leather

Fits normal according to the size

Measurements circa (measured once / length measured on outside (long side) / material is slightly elastic):
Size 2: Waist = 38cm / Length = 98cm
Size 3: Waist = 42cm / Length = 99cm
Size 5: Waist = 57cm / Length = 100cm
Size 6: Waist = 50cm / Length = 100cm

1902 021209
Pal Offner

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