Alpaca wool is one of top-quality type of wools.

80% of the alpaca population is found in the Andes at altitudes of up to 6000m. Other herds live in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. The animals are only shaved every two years (the same is true for llamas) so that they continue to have enough protection in their environment against the prevailing weather conditions. Alpacas are also occasionally kept in Germany.

Alpaca wool is fine, soft, curled and firmer than sheep wool.

- Warms due to hollow fibres that contain air and insulate body heat
- If it’s warm outside the fibre releases warmth and acts temperature-balancing
- Moisture absorption of up to 25% which will be released into the air (perfect for socks, for example)
- Anti-static
- Elastic
- Slightly shiny
- Flame-resistant
- Soft
- Doesn’t absorb smells
- Antibacterial (sheep wool doesn’t have this property due to its high amount of wool fat)
- Dirt-repellent
- Doesn’t felt as much as cashmere
- Fibre is thinner than cotton or sheep wool which makes it possible to create very fine and light fabrics