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select mode online is an online shop of boutique owner Vroni Hertel and fashion designer Nina Hertel pursueing the aim of presenting the latest cuts, material and combinations of the fashion development on an online shop platform and making them accessible to a wide range of customers.

This idea was the logical next step after expertise knowledge and the good personal contact of Vroni Hertel to the designers and lables (Rundholz, Black Label, Annette Görtz, Preach uvm.) she presents for 18 years and as a result leads to a constant growing, satisfied und very well dressed customer base in Germany.

Paired with Nina Hertels distinct comprehension in the area of materials and cuts this is a guarantee for impeccable quality and value of the selected designer fashion which is presented in this online shop. Selection and quality are the driving forces behind the solicitous chosen collection which compilation represents the most important step of select mode online.

If you can not find a certain garment of a collection in our online shop or you are looking for a certain size or colour, which is currently not available, you are welcome to send us a message to or call us under +49 (0)421 38872344.

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