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Longsleeve with print - clay print
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Longsleeve with print - clay print

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Long-sleeve t-shirt with a high neckline and a decorative print by Rundholz Dip.

Knit pullover - black

Price €125.21

Cozy oversized knit jumper with a loose stand-up collar and napped on the outside by Black by k&m.

Pants in leather look - black
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Pants in leather look - black

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Drop crotch pants in suede leather look by Rundholz Black Label.

Oversize tunic - bottle
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Oversize tunic - bottle

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Oversized tunic made of comfortable jersey in tulip cut by Rundholz Black Label.

Long sweat pants - original
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Long sweat pants - original

Price Regular price €157.98 €197.48 -20%

Long drop crotch sweatpants with a zip pocket on the side by Rundholz Black Label.

Low crotch pants - black

Price €411.76

Detailed pants with low crotch and button tape on the side of leg from Pal Offner.

Select Mode Online

Your online shop for exceptional clothing and designer fashion for women

Black, pants with low crotch and exceptional cuts. Vroni Hertel and Nina Hertel-Bohn are on hand with help and advice with 20 years experience in the business. No matter if through the online shop with outfit suggestions in their blog: select-mode.de or personally in the show room between Bremen and Hamburg. They will present to you the latest and most beautiful items of their favorite brands. This way you can experience the cloths directly or order them from all over the world and even postage free over 50 Euro within Germany.


Studio Rundholz

Since 1993 Lenka and Carsten Rundholz present their pieces of wearable art to the fashion world. The main collection of those two pioneers is the impatiently anticipated institution and reference within the scene. Radical cuts and the courage to be different connect the brand with its customers. Rundholz makes it possible to dress without compromise in your individual style and so sharp that the question: “Opera or casual?” belongs to the past. Fabrics of highest quality and best workmanship distinguish their collections which come out twice per year.

This winter, Rundholz has very many garments made of high-quality knitwear in black and chestnut color as well as various super warm winter jackets and coats.

Rundholz Dip

More extravagant than the mainline Rundholz Dip experiments with the latest things. The most distinctive mark of this line is the separate development of the cut and the finishing. The production of the cloths works without any coloring in the raw material. After that the typical Rundholz Dip colors and textures are added in the finishing process. This means every item is unique!

„National Wildlife Refuge“ – The native reserves of the United States of America are the inspiration for this year’s autumn and winter collection of Rundholz Dip.  They realized their vision with hand colored fabrics in beautiful natural tones (ocher- and green tones) as well as great prints.

Rundholz Black Label

As the youngest brand Rundholz Black Label offers the perfect entry into the world of Rundholz since 2006. It’s ideal for new customers as well as for all insiders who are finding special items for their outfits at Rundholz Black Label since their very first collection.

This season, Rundholz Black Label has a beautiful all over print in subdued tones (ocher / dark green / dark blue / dark purple and black) as well as many garments plain-colored in these tones with bold designs. You’ll definitely find your perfect piece. Not forgetting: Winter jackets with tulle – a perfect dream!

Black by k&m

We have had the Black by k&m brand from the Dutch couple Myra and Klaes in our shop for many years and are still enthusiastic about the cuts, materials and the uncomplicated nature of the collections. They themselves say about say about their fashion, "that clothing does not necessarily have to have a message, but mostly and more importantly has to be supportive to someone's personnality" and that, we think, is a very nice philosophy!

As we know and love it, Black by k&m’s new collection will be manly made of jersey and sweat material. You can be looking forward to new very comfortable patterns and shapes :) The highlight will be that this winter collection will also include a sports range, which can of course be worn in day-to-day life!

Thom / Krom

Highest standards of material, design and production. Every item is a statement in itself but the possibilities of combinations are unrivaled. The freedom of one’s personal style as an outfit or emphasis. When you want it, how you want it. Strong design, simple, honest.

Besides their popular jersey material, thom / krom will also have cozy knitwear this season. This winter collection presents itself with warm knit cardigans, super stretchy basic shirts, sweaters, drop crotch pants and fancy accessories. All in black and selected garments in grey mélange.

Studio B3

studio b3 is where casual style and functionality blend with offbeat design and a spirit of avant-garde. studio b3 works with a limited colour palette, and the core of the collection is always black. Their motto says BLACK IS THE ONLY CONSTANT – the designers believe this timeless colour is the ultimate essence of style.

This season, Studio b3’s collection will be all black. Therefore, everything is perfectly combinable within their own range but also with all the other collections. Everything you could think of from warm winter coats, via cozy woolen garments, through to light shirts, pants and dresses! You’ll definitely love this collection just as much as we do.


Back in our range: Trippen. Unique soles, unconventional cuts and iconic silhouettes paired with high quality made of leather tanned with plant-based substances. No matter if minimalistic or experimental, each model aims to be sustainable. Environmental awareness and a production process that is ecologically as harmless as possible are essential aspects of the Trippen design-philosophy. Shoes made in Germany that will last and make you happy for a very long time!

This winter, Trippen will introduce a new sole: Trace. As is well known, Trippen keeps looking for more and more sustainable solutions. Therefore, we are especially happy to introduce you to this beautiful new collection. All shoes are manufactured in Germany and made of vegetable tanned leather.


If your desired item is not in stock or you need a different size or would like a different color do not hesitate to email us at service@select-mode.de or call us on +49 (0)421 38872344.


Mesh socks - black
  • New

Mesh socks - black

Price €12.61
One size

Fancy socks made of mesh, change any outfit with open shoes, from Lofina.

Glasses & mask chain - leather
  • New

Glasses & mask chain - leather

Price €16.81
One size

Elegant chain made of high-quality goatskin with 925 silver clasps, which can be worn as a ...

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