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Long blazer - black - Porta
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Long blazer - black - Porta

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Casual blazer jacket made of a linen/viscose mix by Studio b3.

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Black, pants with low crotch and exceptional cuts. We, Vroni Hertel and Nina Hertel-Bohn are on hand with help and advice with 20 years experience in the business. No matter if through the online shop, on instagram @selectmodeonline or personally in our showroom between Bremen and Hamburg. We will present to you the latest and most beautiful items of our favorite brands. This way you can experience the cloths directly or order them from all over the world with express shipping and even postage free over 100 Euro within Germany.


Rundholz Summer 2023

Studio Rundholz

Since 1993 Lenka and Carsten Rundholz present their pieces of wearable art to the fashion world. The main collection of those two pioneers is the impatiently anticipated institution and reference within the scene. Radical cuts and the courage to be different connect the brand with its customers. Rundholz makes it possible to dress without compromise in your individual style and so sharp that the question: “Opera or casual?” belongs to the past. Fabrics of highest quality and best workmanship distinguish their collections which come out twice per year.

When he invented Mortimer Mouse in 1928, did Ub Iwerks know that this little mouse would become the most well-known fictional character in the world and thus, as a cultural asset, an ideal interpretative surface for art?
Carsten Rundholz uses the contrast of the personality that has been established for almost a century and depicts his always suppressed morbid side.
Visually, too, his depiction moves into the "Stitch"-esque corner. Further handmade details, prints and applications round off the collection in the beloved RUNDHOLZ look and clearly show the hand of the artist.

Rundholz Dip

More extravagant than the mainline Rundholz Dip experiments with the latest things. The most distinctive mark of this line is the separate development of the cut and the finishing. The production of the cloths works without any coloring in the raw material. After that the typical Rundholz Dip colors and textures are added in the finishing process. This means every item is unique!

Watercolors as colorful as a coral reef. With its DIP collection in summer 2023, RUNDHOLZ is providing us with a whole paintbrush of colors to paint the summer. Maritime motifs of infantile lightheartedness adorn the designs as a print or as an embroidered emblem on the homage to La C... Fish.

Rundholz Black Label

As the youngest brand Rundholz Black Label offers the perfect entry into the world of Rundholz since 2006. It’s ideal for new customers as well as for all insiders who are finding special items for their outfits at Rundholz Black Label since their very first collection.

Picturesque! In the Summer 2023 season, Rundholz Black Label is turning art into art and that in turn into fashion. From motif prints to the color tube. With Black Label we paint the summer in the most beautiful colors.

Pluslavie Plü

Also in the second season, Pluslavie alias [PLÜ] convinces with new, exciting styles in their very own look.
Timeless, authentic: for the woman who wants more out of life. Fashion is either comfortable or stylish? There's more!
Fashion is either for young or old, tall or short, slim or round, either classic or extravagant? There's more!
[PLÜ] knows no trends and is wonderfully changeable. Find your own style with [ PLÜ ], become part of the design and complete your outfit with lovingly hand-designed accessories, jewellery and patches. Each style is only produced in small numbers in a modern family business in Izmir, Turkey. [ PLÜ ] attaches particular importance to high-quality fabrics and careful processing for their long-lasting "favorites".More style, more convenience, more individuality, more value: [PLÜ]
P.S.: With us you will find the largest [PLÜ] range worldwide! So we are convinced. :)

La haine inside us

Uncompromising, strong, wild and unusual at first sight. But when you look openly, it is wonderfully organic, exciting, honest and in balance with itself.
Black in all its facets from cotton to leather, manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies, characterize the designs of the brand, which was founded in 2017 in the heart of Bologna.

This season, La Haine inside us looks more elegant and urban at the same time. Flowing and light in fabric and cut, we find details and references to street style classics newly and excitingly interpreted. Coarse knit materials and transparency as a stylistic device give the designs that certain something extra.

Studio B3

studio b3 is where casual style and functionality blend with offbeat design and a spirit of avant-garde. studio b3 works with a limited colour palette, and the core of the collection is always black. Their motto says BLACK IS THE ONLY CONSTANT – the designers believe this timeless colour is the ultimate essence of style.

Studio b3 looks the youngest and most casual of our brands. Very fresh, flowing cuts from cheeky to elegant. Distinctive as a complete look or as individual pieces to set accents.
For us, the most outstanding innovation of this season are the pieces made of irregular decorative knit. Every outfit wins with these!


Extremely stylish shoes with a sustainable background? That what you get with Lofina:
Lofina uses only sustainable leather which is recycled from food industry scraps which reduces waste. Furthermore it is all from local suppliers from European countries. This reduces the CO² production in the supply chain and therefore ensure the high quality of leathers. Lofina uses only natural leathers without plasticizer which are finished with water-based products to reduce the use of chemicals.

In the summer of 2023, everything at Lofina revolves around the sneaker. Whether white, black or yellow sole as a shoe or sandal. And of course the extravagant variants. With platform heels or as a super sneaker: ballerinas.


If your desired item is not in stock or you need a different size or would like a different color do not hesitate to email us at service@select-mode.de or call us on +49 (0)421 38872344.

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