The Angora rabbit has the finest fur of all wool-producing animal species. It is even finer than that of the cashmere goat! Angora wool is incredibly light and fine, but is too fine to be used alone for most purposes and is therefore often mixed with Merino wool. This results in a beautifully fine and soft wool blend with very good thermal insulation.

Angora rabbits are an artificial breed that produce twice as much fur as normal rabbits. Since they are more susceptible to illnesses, keeping them requires a lot of effort and, as with all animal hair, you should only buy clothing from trustworthy brands to ensure animal welfare.

The Angora rabbits are sheared several times a year and produce a fur yield of up to 1.5kg! Since the fur of Angora rabbits grows back continuously and quickly, regular shearing is essential.

- Good to colour
- Great insulation due to air locks in fibres
- Very soft
- Very good moisture absorption of up to 60% which is then released into the air
- Gives off fluff in the beginning
- Doesn’t scratch
- Slightly shiny
- Light
- Smooth surface due to fine fibres