Cashmere – our personal favourite wool and also well represented amongst the collections of our designers :)

Cashmere wool comes from the cashmere goat, which underfur is processed into wool. Therefor the fur, which is very fine and curled, is combed-out. The yearly amount of fur of a cashmere goat is around 100-200 gram. In order to produce one pullover, it requires the hair of at least 4 animals, for a coat at least 20. This explains the high prices for this valuable material.

Due to the high air inclusion in the fibers, the thermal insulation is very high and the material is light at the same time. This fiber property makes cashmere wool up to 6x more insulating than sheep's wool. But this is not the only positive quality of cashmere.

Here’s the overview:
- Very soft
- Light
- Elastic
- Tearproof
- Insulating
- Non-crease
- Anti-static
- Doesn’t scratch
- Moisture-repellent on the outside
- Can absorb moisture / sweat well and releases it into the air
- Doesn’t take on any smells