You certainly know of the hemp plant. However, its fibres are not yet very common in the clothing industry. This is because of the restriction of cultivation of hemp for a very long time. Only in the 90’s, when it was possible to grow hemp with low levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive substance of the drug “marihuana” or “hashish”), did its cultivation increase again. By law, industrial hemp can only be grown with a THC-level of under 0.3% which makes it unsuitable for the production of marihuana and hashish. So, the cultivation of hemp with the possession of a permit (to avoid the illegal cultivation of drugs) was allowed again.

Since hemp grows well at a temperature of about 20 degrees on nutrient-rich and wet soil it is a plant that can be cultivated here in Germany as well. Even short periods of frost don’t damage this plant. In a matter of one year, hemp can grow up to 4m high and there’s no need for pesticides as weeds and pests are rarely an issue.

Properties of hemp:
- Regrowing material -
- Skin-friendly
- Dirt-repellent
- Tearproof
- Absorbs hardly any smells
- Very good moisture regulation
- Frugal in cultivation, ecological cultivation possible
- Susceptible to wrinkling